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01 Nov

Academic Libraries and Open Climate Research: A Call to Action

Join the Open Climate Campaign and MIT Libraries for a discussion on the role of open access in addressing the climate crisis. Learn more >

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16 Oct

Open Education Global Conference

Dr. Cable Green will delivered a keynote talk about the Open Climate Campaign and why we need to shift to public funded open knowledge infrastructure.

06 Oct

Creative Commons Global Summit​

The Open Climate Campaign participated in the 2023 Creative Commons Global Summit presenting a session titled Open Climate Campaign: Opening Knowledge and Culture to Solve the World’s Biggest Challenges. Learn more >

13 Sep

The Open Climate Campaign - why we need open access to climate science

The Open Climate Campaign is joined the German Open Access Network to discuss why opening climate change research is need to address the climate crisis.

13 Sep

Scholarly communication’s response to the climate crisis and the role of open science​

The Open Climate Campaign partnered with OASPA to host a webinar for registrants to reflect on what they can do to advance open access to climate research and plan some actions. Watch here>

08 Jul

Getting to Know Open Science

The Open Climate Campaign is partnering with NASA to run a workshop on open science at the 2023 Ecological Society of America meeting. Slides here >

11 June

Symposium for Women and Equity-seekers in Ecology & Evolution Today

This event as part of the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution Meeting will engage with conversations regarding science funding and discuss the need for open and accessible science for addressing global issues. More here >

17 May

How to Write for Non-academic Audiences to Achieve Progress Towards the UN SDGs

A practical, hands-on workshop exploring how to make research more accessible to non academic audiences and how research assessment reform can support these efforts. Workshop materials here >

11 May

PLOS/EarthArXiv Webinar

Webinar on preprints in the earth and environmental sciences.

09 Feb

3rd UN Open Science Conference

The Open Climate Campaign Team participated in the 3rd UN Open Science Conference at the United Nations, New York moderating a panel on equity in open scholarship. Watch here >

01 Dec

Openscapes Community Call

The 7th Openscapes Community Call featured the Campaign and dug into what each of us can do to connect our daily work to the climate movement. Read more >

30 Nov

UN Open Access for Climate Justice Webinar

The Dag Hammarskjöld Library at the United Nations hosted a webinar highlighting innovative projects working at the intersection of climate and open research. Watch here >

27 Oct

Forum for Open Research in MENA

Dr. Cable Green presented the Open Climate Campaign on a panel about implementing open access policies. Watch here >

18 Oct

Open Education Conference

Dr. Monica Granados, the Open Climate Campaign Manager, delivered a keynote talk at the 2022. Open Education Conference. Watch here >

29 Sep

What is Climate Justice?

On September 29 experts joined us for a discussion on climate justice and how the open knowledge community can contribute. Watch here >

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